Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fishing Theme Quilt For My Hubby: My quilting buddies and I were in Bend, Oregon (during Sister's Quilt Show Week) at a LQS called BJs Quilt Basket when we spotted a series of embroidery patterns with fishing and outdoorsy motifs. I bought the series and made a quilt. I didn't care for the border in the pattern so I added Prairie Points (tute here) inside the border. I added a wee button to each one to secure it and I like the look! Each embroidered block is colored with crayon to give it added dimension. The plaids are a great background, don't you think? (Quilted by Nikki Crisp)

String Quilt Using Bright Madras Plaids: I was at a retreat last spring and some gals were tossing their scrap strips away. I (being a scrap queen) asked if I could have the scraps. I found a neat pattern on the Heartstring Quilts Project pages and began to sew. I soon realized that I wanted a consistent color to tie it together so my friend Gwen gave me this marvelous purple Thanks, Gwen!! I also realized I needed to incorporate some of my own plaids or I either wouldn't have enough for a quilt or it would look strange if they weren't mixed in. Here is what I've done so far. I won't join the blocks until I have them all done and can plan placement. I love it!!! It's easy and fun. I'll post a finished picture later.